Things I Must Not Do At Hogwarts
Please do go on with this blog! Still following! - Miss M, from Finland, Northern Europe

Oh! I think I will! It just might take me a little while. I’m so glad I still have so many followers even though my posts have been lacking. I’ll try to get things sorted as soon as I can :]


Do it. Times 6. (roommates agree.)

Oh, lord. Can’t really argue with that! Uni starts on Monday so once I’m settled I’ll mess around with themes, sort out new layouts for the posts and I’ll do my best to get it sorted!


soooo... is this blog done ? lmfao

Oh, good lord! I sort of neglected all of my blogs D: I’m assuming there are people who would like me to continue this? If people pester me enough then I’ll do a revamp and I’ll get the blog up and running.

Let me know if you’d like me to start this up again!


Hey Guys!!
Sorry for lack of posts, I’ve been distracted by Pottermore and such :o

I should hopefully have more posts soon but, in the meantime, why not fill my ask with suggestions and add me on Pottermore :3 My username is CastlePhoenix47 and I’m a Ravenclaw!

Oh my god I remember these! I used to look these up all the time. People made icons of them and everything

I know!! I had 150 of them on my old phone!! I just found it and, when I realised there wasn’t a Tumblr page, I felt I had to share them.

Hopefully you’ll see some you haven’t seen before, and if you have any ideas for one please let me know!! :]